Top 5 Robotics Stocks for Tech Enthusiasts to Buy in 2022



Robotics stocks are performing extremely well in 2022, here is the list of top 5 performers

Robotics and automation have simplified operations in manufacturing, healthcare, IT, and other business processes. Several tech companies are now innovating more advanced robotics technologies, which is boosting the advancement of this sector, along with their own, as a result, robotics stocks are performing extremely well in 2022. In this article, we have listed the top 5 robotics stocks that tech enthusiasts can buy to gain good returns in 2022.

Fanuc Corporation

Current Market Stock: US$15.27

Fanuc Corporation markets products including servo motors, lasers, robots, compact machining centers, and electric injection molding machines, among others. The earnings results of Fanuc Corporation over the past few months show that it is boosting free cash flow generation and improving profitability.

iRobot Corporation

Current Market Stock: US$36.91

The most popular product of iRobot Corporation is the Roomba vacuum cleaners that have captured the North American market and are now growing in popularity overseas. iRobot Corporation announced Amazon Alexa integration for the vacuums. With the new update, the Roombas will now be able to carry out cleaning using Alexa voice commands.

Omnicell, Inc.

Current Market Stock: US$109.69

Omnicell, Inc. provides automation solutions for the health industry. It has spent nearly $200 million to acquire ReCept and MarkeTouch Media in the past few weeks. The former operates in the specialty pharma domain and the latter markets pharma software solutions.

Azenta Inc.

Current Market Stock: US$65.87

Azenta offers cold-chain sample management solutions, genomic services, and related services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries. The company also operates the Semiconductor Solutions Group business, a provider of semiconductor manufacturing automation and collaborative robotics solutions.

UiPath Inc.

Current Market Stock: US$18.78

UiPath provides end-to-end automation services. One of the reasons why market experts trust UiPath Inc. (NYSE:PATH) to deliver is because of the RPA technology it markets, an automation tool that has an addressable market of around $60 billion and high customer satisfaction

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