Solana (SOL) Shows Second Worst Weekly Performance Among Top 100



Solana’s SOL token ends this not-so-pleasant week for the blockchain at 9.93% cheaper than its initial values. This result puts SOL second from the end in the list of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by weekly performance by CoinMarketCap.

It is likely that such negative price action of SOL was aggravated by the situation with the hacking of wallets on the blockchain. As soon as the news of the hacking of Solana wallets became known, SOL dropped by 9%. At the same time, Solana still ranks ninth in the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization with an estimated value of all circulating SOL tokens at $13.86 billion.

Solana’s good and bad PR

All week there were various speculations about what and how, when at last the version that the Slope application was to blame was presented. As it turned out, Slope was storing the seed phrases from wallets on centralized servers. The head of Solana Labs, Andrei Yakovenko, commenting on the situation said that any user who at least once imported their seed phrase into Slope could consider it compromised.

Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of FTX and one of the most prominent figures in the crypto market at the moment, also expressed his support for the project. According to the entrepreneur, because of bad PR Solana is the most undervalued project right now, and the SOL token is the most undervalued digital asset. He also said that any other project would break down the same way if it tried to do what Solana does.


At the same time, it would be wrong not to notice that Sam Bankman-Fried with his FTX and Alameda are directly affiliated with Solana, and the entrepreneur’s comments should be taken from that perspective.

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