Polygon, Cardano & Bitcoin – American Wrap 22 July



Bitcoin Weekly Forecast: Assessing the chances of BTC visiting $30,000

Bitcoin price has noticed a large shift in sentiment from being overly bearish to optimistic. Although greed is still out of the equation, things could soon reach these levels, especially if the trend continues as it has over the last ten days.

Cardano v. Ethereum: How one transaction on Cardano covers 100s on Ethereum

As Cardano’s Vasil hard fork and Ethereum’s Merge is fast approaching, the crypto community pitted the two competitors against each other, comparing features and scale. Cardano successfully powers the transfer of 100s of different cryptocurrency assets in a single transaction, a feat that takes 100s of individual transactions on Ethereum or Solana. The development activity on Cardano has remained consistently high over the past two months. 

Why MATIC value gain is imminent, despite fee collection in Ethereum

The co-founder of Polygon explained why MATIC is the only staking token for all chains, and gas fees will be collected in Ethereum by default. While gas fees are not being collected in MATIC, Nailwal assured the crypto community that value gain is imminent. 


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