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Cashverse Announcement

HYDR Cardano Stakingpool is retiring




Because of IT & Network infrastructure changes, our ADA-Staking Pool HYDR is retiring.

As we just have like 5 people using it, there is no sense to keep it open. If you are one of these persons,
dont worry, your tokens will be available to claim and you just can switch to another staking-node.

At a later date with more active people and stakers, we will think about to reopen it. But for us, this is the
right decision at the moment.

As the new epoch is starting tomorrow, the Pool will automatically retire.

* THIS IS NOT THE ADACASH STAKING * So not to be confused.

The Cashverse Team

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Cashverse Announcement


lets talk!





With Our Partner RocketFi 🚀

When: July 25th 4pm EST/ 8pm UTC

Where: RocketFi Telegram

Check them out on Coinmarketcap:


Their Dapp:

More Project Information:

Topics: #Cashemon, #Cashverse, Our Partnership, anything goes!!

Cashemon holders participating in AMA get some #RocketFi 🔥🔥

What / Who is RocketFi?

RocketFi is a Binance Smart Chain rewards token on a mission to create innovative and user-friendly web3 tools. With the RocketFi token, users can engage with the dApp and diversify their rewards through Smart Rewards. These rewards include multiple Binance pegged blue-chip tokens as well as other tokens on the BSC Network. The token will power our rewards DEX, FloatieSwap, and be an integral part of the Wallet app in development.

Additionally, Smart Rewards can split their reflections into multiple tokens. This unique way of diversifying rewards gives token holders the benefits of staking without having to lock up their tokens.

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It’s official!






Go to and register your account
be sure to use a real email address

Login and click to your wallet
Deposit your ADACash and SOLCash

ℹ️ It can take up to 10 minutes for your funds to be available so just wait for it.
Meanwhile you can spin the wheel to get your daily free reward like healpotions and so on

Once funds arrived, go to “MINTING PLACE” and select whatever Egg you want to have and follow
the mintprocess 🔥

Dont forget, you can just mint 10 Eggs per wallet. But you can buy unlimited eggs on the Marketplace
ℹ️First 3 Eggs = $50 SOLCash each -> next 7 Eggs are 50k SOLCash each

📢Sidenote: If the price after 3 Eggs is still 50$, just wait for 1-2 minutes, as your nft transactions still need to be confirmed by blockchain.

You will find your eggs under “My Items” in menue
ℹ️ If you click on the egg you will be redirected to the details. For egg not many info, but once hatched you see more detials like if its legendary or whatever

🚀 After 5 days you will have the option to hatch your egg into the baby and you will see what you got. THATS SO EXCITING!!!!

📢 Sidenotes:
1. staking vault / Lottery / Marketing / Burn will happen every 6 hours to safe us gasfees
🔥But i will manually trigger the first ones shortly after launch

2. There is mostly no reason to withdraw your nft to your external wallet, as you wont be able to play with it or hatch it or anything
as this only works on the cashemon “gaming enviroment” but you are free to do if you want to, but the only supported wallet is metamask mobile so far. (you have to import cashemon contract + nft TokenID)
ℹ️ you only can withdraw your NFT from Cashemon to an external wallet, but NOT to another accounts cashemon wallet.

3. Deposit NFT from your external wallet to Cashemon wallet can take some minutes to appear.

4. you can withdraw your ADACash / SOLCash at any time (5% withdraw fee /no tax). Withdraw is very fast.

📢Bug Reporting
IF you have a bug, or a problem dont go crazy xD you always know i am fixing things as fast as possible.
Just report every detail like wich OS you used, whats your cashemon email, whats your cashemon deposit address
and of course a description of your problem to:

We have waited MONTHS for this Moment!
LETS GO!!!!!!!!

Hydra, Juced and the whole Cashverse Team

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Cashverse Announcement


It’s official!






We are happy to announce you the official and final Launchdate of Cashemon the Egg Game!

▶️ Save the Date:
🔥Friday July 8th 2022 – 17:00 UTC🔥

Get your Eggs and hatch’em 🚀

🤯Egg-Game Limits:
The Eggs are Limited to 3,000 per family/gender only!
(30,000 Eggs in total)

More Details:

The first 3 Eggs (each individual egg) will cost 50$ worth of SOLCash
After that, the last 7 Eggs will cost 50,000 SOLCash each.

10 Eggs per wallet in total,the only exception is, if you buy eggs on the marketplace (from another user)

ℹ️ Dont forget on each Egg-Buy:
40% of SOLCash is sent back to stakingvault
30% of SOLCash is sent to the weekly Lottery
20% of SOLCash is going to the Marketing
10% of SOLCash is burned

FYI: The lottery will reset on friday, so we start with a new weekly lottery.

Now share , shill, let the world know!

We love you
The Cashverse Team

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