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Growth in the Edtech sector




EdTech sector

EdTech sector

EdTech sector looking to improve its productivity, connectivity, and ability to produce more value.

1. Kindly brief us about the company, its specialization, and the services that your company offers.

• Human Resources: Effectively managing employee engagement, assuring top-notch hiring, fostering a culture of training throughout the company, and emphasizing the development of motivated staff.

• Administration – To maintain high workforce productivity, offering dependable administrative services.

• Content Development – Producing ground-breaking content that will provide our students the skills they need to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s competitive world.

• Quality – Develop and deploy professionals to audit the procedures followed by our learning centers in order to confirm that they are completely in accordance with the standards we have established.

Sales and Marketing – Focus on the success of our students and the expansion of our business partners while training and deploying staff to acquire the highest enrollments and revenue for Jetking.

• Information technology – Provide dependable and effective technological solutions to guarantee seamless daily operations, which will help our students become job-ready.

• Placement – Emphasize providing placement aid to all of our students who successfully complete our career courses, offering them a solid stepping stone for the future through strong recruiter partnerships and qualified staff.

• Examining – Conducting trustworthy certification exams in a fast, effective, and structured manner.

• Finance – Ensuring efficient management of the company’s finances and accounting, with accountability to the management and important stakeholders, and a focus on ongoing training

We ensure you learn the best, from the best through innovative methods and exceptional thought leadership. We provide courses such as Cloud computing, Cloud development, Blockchain Development, Red Hat, Ethical Hacking, and many more.

2. What are your growth plans for the next 12 months?

Future jobs will also need entirely new skill sets. Because their business models allow for agility and the capacity to react to this transformation, this structural change in the skills landscape presents an opportunity for EdTech enterprises. EdTech organisations of all sizes are looking for methods to improve their productivity, connectivity, and ability to produce more value. Evalueserve develops effective solutions for our EdTech clients by fusing data and research insights with the effectiveness of digital tools. In general, we want to make sure that we work five times as hard as we have up until now.

3. How are disruptive technologies like IoT/Big Data analytics/AI/Machine Learning/Cloud Computing impacting today’s innovation?

Technology seems to be developing more quickly every day. Some of these advancements are hardly noticeable. But certain breakthroughs are bringing about changes that are so profound we can’t help but notice them. These are the five technologies that are most disruptive. Every element of our life, including work and recreation, is altered as a result.

AI has both self-executing and practical applications. Through a variety of applications that enhance people’s lives and simplify business processes, it is currently evolving more quickly than ever. These systems aid with answering your questions, handling your requests, and improving your life. They range from virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri or Google’s Home to Netflix’s movie recommendations, web support chatbots, or tracking the ETA of your Uber Eats. These AIs are designed to gather information from your search histories, purchases, or even overheard conversations in order to understand your tastes and provide you with better, more accurate choices. We won’t discuss the privacy concerns here, but this article provides a thoughtful overview of them.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology application that has become extremely popular in recent years. The majority of industries will be affected globally. Blockchain’s first application, Bitcoin, was created as a way to upend the financial sector, where ledgers are by nature extremely centralized in a single bank or group of banks. Through its encrypted and decentralized elements, blockchain serves to develop a trustless economy by eliminating the necessity of third parties in conventional financial transactions. The three main characteristics of blockchain technology are:

1. Decentralization

2. Transparency

3. Security

Because it makes it possible to construct simple homes and other structures for as little as $2000 USD, 3D printing is now making waves in the construction business. The construction sector is beginning to appreciate the advantages of greater health and safety, resource use that is more efficient, less waste, pollution, and environmental impact. We are beginning to see the advantages of 3D printing homes in areas like relief aid for victims of natural disasters, even though it is not yet practicable for intricate and complex building projects.

By 2024, it is anticipated that the VR and AR market would be worth $300 billion. Within the entertainment sector, several technologies are rising in popularity. They are assisting in the blending of the real and virtual worlds. Through AR/VR, a considerable increase in interactivity is now achievable for the video game business. Users may capture Pokemon on their mobile devices anywhere because of Pokemon Go’s enormous popularity, which makes it one of the most well-known AR applications. Pokemon Go has shown that regular people are open to using augmented reality.

4. Where do you see growth coming in for the sector?

The size of the global market for education technology was estimated at USD 106.46 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 16.5 percent from 2022 to 2030. In order to increase learning in classrooms and improve students’ educational outcomes, education technology (EdTech) refers to both hardware and software that is used to educate students virtually. By leveraging technology for learning and teaching, edtech platforms help students overcome obstacles on their path to a comprehensive education. Learning materials that can be found online from anywhere in the world, such as eBooks, are becoming more and more popular. Compared to printed content, which has greater manufacturing costs, digital content is easier to create.

A larger user base can simply translate and access digital books that are available in a variety of languages. Additionally, students can listen to the educational material in an audio version to expand their vocabulary and develop better interpretive reading, especially those with physical limitations. For instance, OrbitNote, a pdf-capable software that would be useful for partially sighted users to attend the document by leaving voice notes, was introduced by Texthelp Ltd. in January 2022, a well-known assistive technology provider for the EdTech sector.

5. What is your Leadership Mantra?

Everything has changed drastically thanks to the internet. Knowledge used to be hidden away in the heads of subject matter experts and in the pages of books that you had to buy or borrow from the library. But nowadays, learning new talents is simpler than ever. To become the best version of yourself, you must do this.

Our motto has always been “Kuch Bankar Niklo”…

You can improve yourself by engaging in positive, constructive activities outside of work. Start using it on your nights and weekends, whatever it may be—an app, movie, music, or whatever. Who knows, though? It might even develop into a full-time career that you enjoy.

The easiest method to fix the issue if you’re not happy with who you are right now is to start making progress toward a better you right now. There is no specific “right time” to begin.

It can be tempting to imagine your ideal self as some elusive goal in the distant future. The one where you are, you understand:

  • More successful
  • pursuing your passions
  • Being in general a cheerful person

You think of the present as the regular season, and you’re saving all your energy for the playoffs to begin. But if all you do is wait for the best version of yourself to appear, you’ll always be constrained by the one you have right now.

6. How have you seen the evolution of the industry? As you said that you have been here for the last 75 years, how has the growth been?

The term “industry life cycle” describes how an industry or company develops through four stages based on the commercial traits that are often seen in each stage. The introduction, growth, maturity, and decline stages make up the four stages of an industry’s life cycle. Whenever new products are invented, industries are created, but there is a lot of ambiguity about the size of the market, the characteristics of the items, and the primary rivals. An established industry is reduced as it expands through mergers and failure, and the remaining players cut costs as the economy slows and demand ultimately declines.

Demand is increasing quickly as a result of consumers in the new industry realizing the value of the new product. Usually, a few significant firms emerge and engage in competition for control of the emerging market. As businesses invest in marketing or R&D, immediate earnings are typically not a primary concern. Business operations are streamlined, and geographic expansion is frequent. Larger businesses in related industries often enter the industry through acquisitions or in-house development once the new product has proven its viability.

Since the internet’s invention, the world has become increasingly interconnected. Reading newspapers, magazines, and even books has been displaced by using the internet. Nowadays, most of us interact via email rather than using paper and pen. We now watch movies online, and it has expanded as a company to the point that we can even shop online and pay our bills. Through numerous social media platforms, the internet has also changed friendships. Additionally, it gives us the chance to get back in touch with childhood friends, which has the potential to change our lives. It’s one thing to have a brilliant concept. What counts most is turning that idea into a successful business through innovation and application. These are the individuals—past, present, and future—who have the greatest influence on the development of the web. They revolutionized how we live today and altered the internet. Just try to picture a world without the internet. You can’t because we live with it every day.

7. What are the skill sets that companies specifically look for while hiring professionals at an initial stage?
Professionalism and a Reliable Work Ethics

Every company has a similar desire for their staff members to be professional and have a good work ethic. After graduation, your employer will expect you to have a strong work ethic and professionalism, regardless of the position or career you end up in. Professionalism and a strong work ethic are two qualities that every employer likes to see in its staff. Whatever position you end up in after graduation, your employer will anticipate that you have strong, business-like interpersonal skills and a strong work ethic. All employers in the Employer Career Competencies study evaluated “Professionalism/Work Ethic” as absolutely necessary, however, they also reported that only 42.5% of employees actually display these characteristics.

Increasing Professionalism & Work Ethics

You have the opportunity to keep honing your professional abilities throughout your regular classes, activities, and work schedule. Simple things like maintaining a professional demeanour and being prompt can help improve these abilities. They might also grow as a result of more time-consuming chores. Finishing your work quickly and effectively may be one of these duties. People with good work ethics are less inclined to put off finishing a task and are the first to volunteer for additional duties. Employers will be more interested in considering you for promotions, new positions, or other favorable results if you exhibit a professional approach and a strong work ethic.

Skills in Oral and Written Communication

Today’s modern age makes it possible to send a quick text to friends or family without using good grammar, which might impair your ability to communicate in writing or verbally. Your ability to communicate may also deteriorate as a result of infrequent face-to-face interactions. Digital technology proficiency is essential for many professions, but it shouldn’t be the main means of communication. As a result, face-to-face interactions at work are of lower quality. Additionally, many grads can develop these talents. 95.9% of employers believe that communication skills are crucial, yet just 41.6% do so effectively, in their opinion.

How to Get Better at Oral Communication

One area for improvement that can be easily remedied is overcommunication. The likelihood that communication will be accurately interpreted increases with its simplicity. Keep your message brief, precise, and clear. Engaging your audience is another way to enhance oral communication. You can more effectively express your ideas and notions as well as hear fresh ideas, queries, or other information by not only talking but also by starting a discussion. Last but not least, listen. You must first and foremost be a good listener if you want to develop your abilities and communicate well. You can give more insightful responses and remarks if you pay attention to what other people are saying.

Writing Communication Skills Improvement

Writing communication abilities are crucial in many professions, just like spoken communication skills. By structuring your thoughts, you can start to improve your written communication abilities. Check your writing when you finish it to see if it sounds disorganized, meandering, or if your thoughts are not flowing. If so, you might want to consider outlining your essay to make sure your ideas are organized before you start writing. Your work will appear more professional as a result. Your personal lack of confidence in your writing may be another little obstacle. Use an application like Be A Listener if you are concerned that what you are writing does not sound like quality work. Use an application like be a listener or Microsoft’s “readability tool” to see how your work sounds, whether or not you have structural problems, and other things if you are concerned that what you are writing does not sound like high-quality work. You can become a better leader as well as a better colleague by developing your communication skills.

8. Can you throw light on the latest employment trends in key sectors?

The primary industries that will experience a high proliferation of in-demand occupations are listed below.

Development of computer systems, software, and related services

Software developers, mobile application developers, software architects, network and computer system administrators, accountants and auditors, technical support specialists, and business and research analysts are the positions in this industry that are most in demand.

Services in management and consulting

Marketing research executives, business communications managers, industrial engineers, financial analysts, customer care executives, project managers, and PR specialists are among the profession’s most in-demand positions.

Social services and sustainability

Child welfare officers, social workers, accountants, programme directors, medical and public health social workers, special education teachers, occupational therapists, and assistants in social and human services, as well as research and documentation officers and administrative officers, are the positions in this field that are most in demand.

Services for Research and Development

Jobs in this field that are in high demand include those for research analysts, biomedical engineers, biochemists, biophysicists, medical scientists, agriculture scientists, lab assistants, research associates, research executives, scientific assistants, and vice presidents of research and development.


Doctors, nurses, physician assistants, physical therapist assistants, speech-language pathologists, and physical therapists hold the most in-demand positions in this industry.

However, these 5 fields are not the only ones in the pool of the most promising work opportunities. There are other quickly expanding industrial sectors to which potential employees can look forward.

Money Issues

With enterprises competing for talent, incomes in India have grown significantly over time. Salary budgets for middle and senior executive posts in India have improved from an increase of 6.3 percent in 2008 to an average increase of 13.3 percent in 2009. They are expected to increase by 20% in just 2011 alone.

Monetary indicators

India has established itself as the Mecca for any corporation to launch their activities, with a GDP of 9 to 10%. Additionally, an annual growth rate of 8 to 9 percent is a respectable figure in and of itself, positioning India as a preferred location for international investments. India’s overall improvement is still encouraging.


Harsh Bharwani, CEO & Managing Director of Jetking

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PrivaCrip to Power a Blockchain Network That Could Follow Cardano & XRP




PrivaCrip to Power a Blockchain Network That Could Follow Cardano & XRP




When the first decentralised blockchain was popularised in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, the door was open for people across the globe to transact more securely and seamlessly. Many blockchain networks have been built and powered by native crypto tokens, including PrivaCrip (PRCR).

Native tokens exist for several reasons. Aside from acting as digital currencies, they perform various functions. Helping blockchains improve data traceability, security, transparency, and trustworthiness shared throughout the network. They also assist in reducing costs through their ever-evolving efficient methods.

Cardano (ADA) and Ripple (XRP) are among the best blockchain-based cryptos that this article will discuss. We will also look at how PrivaCrip (PRCR) will power a blockchain network set to launch into the crypto space.

Top Tier Crypto Makes its Mark – Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) has been around in the crypto space since 2017. The Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Ouroborous Cardano (ADA), was established using a research-based methodology.

Research is the backbone of Cardano (ADA) and is integral to its success in the cryptocurrency market. Cardano (ADA) uses an evidence-driven mechanism and peer-reviewed research to run its ecosystem to drive its evolution.




Among many things, Cardano (ADA) helps establish DeFi products and provides a suite of financial solutions. Crypto enthusiasts can stake Cardano (ADA) for a chance to earn rewards for their holdings.

With 2022 providing challenges in cryptocurrencies across the globe, Cardano (ADA) is one of the few cryptos to see a surge in on-chain trading volume this year. CoinMarketCap lists Cardano (ADA) as the 7th largest crypto by market capitalization at the time of writing.

Making Waves – Ripple (XRP)

Launched in 2012, Ripple (XRP) is a leading provider of crypto solutions for businesses. Ripple (XRP) provides developers with a solid open-source foundation for executing demanding projects. It is fast, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and reliable.

The solutions provided by Ripple (XRP) enable developers to solve inefficiencies, including asset tokenization and remittance. Therefore, individuals and businesses may apply Ripple (XRP) for DeFi, payments, tokenization, and more.

Crypto enthusiasts with a long-term focus may find Ripple (XRP) a valuable investing tool. Token holders can use Ripple (XRP) for staking its mainnet platform for a chance to grow their earnings and maximise profit.

At the time of writing, it ranks number 6 on CoinMarketCap, making it a cryptocurrency to buy now.

The New Face Of Privacy – PrivaCrip (PRCR)

The soon-to-launch PrivaCrip (PRCR) is a cryptocurrency built for Web3 data privacy. It will allow users to develop and use permissionless and privacy-preserving applications. This unique feature of PrivaCrip (PRCR) secures apps, protects users, and fosters the creation of many new Web3 uses.

PrivaCrip (PRCR) will drive a blockchain that creates a more empowering and inclusive internet. It will enable developers to build secure dApps using private contracts based on original privacy research (OPR) to revolutionise Web3.

PrivaCrip (PRCR) will begin pre-sale soon and has an initial token price of 0.10 USD. According to the whitepaper, there will be a total supply of 190 million tokens, of which 40% of the total supply will go to the pre-sale.

Crypto enthusiasts who purchase PrivaCrip (PRCR) during the pre-sale will receive the most significant long-term rewards and bonuses. Those who buy with Bitcoin (BTC) will receive a 10% bonus. Also, those using Ethereum (ETH) to purchase will receive 15% of the total PrivaCrip (PRCR) they purchase as a bonus.

10% of PrivaCrip’s (PRCR) total supply is up for distribution as staking rewards, meaning that token holders who stake will receive rewards for their contribution to the crypto’s advancement.

The Bottomline 

Blockchain networks are continuously evolving, and so are the crypto tokens that power them. Cardano (ADA) and Ripple (XRP) have contributed tremendously to the success of their blockchain networks, gathering mass appeal.

PrivaCrip (PRCR), for its part, will drive a security-enabled blockchain and scalability in private DeFi, empower data tokenization, and bring together a fast-growing community. Acting on its promise, it has the potential to become the next big mover in cryptocurrency.

For more on PrivaCrip (PRCR), check below:





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Cardano (ADA) Withdrawal Fees Waved by Bitrue Exchange




Cardano Reaches “Important Milestone” on Road to Vasil Upgrade

Alex Dovbnya

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange made Cardano one of its base trading pairs earlier this year

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue announced that it had temporarily waived withdrawal fees for the Cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency.

The trading platform says that the move is meant to celebrate the support it received from the community behind the cryptocurrency.

Users will be able to withdraw ADA without paying any fees until mid-September.

Bitrue has stressed that it wants users to have “as much choice as possible” when it comes to custody options. Those who want to hold their ADA tokens will not be able to do so without paying an additional commission.

At the same time, Bitrue has touted its “Power Piggy” yield-farm investment program for those who want to earn passive income with ADA.

As reported by U.Today, Bitrue introduced the token as its base currency back in February.

In June 2021, it also became the first cryptocurrency trading platform to add support for Cardano-based native tokens.

Last month, Bitrue also announced a staking initiative with the ADA cryptocurrency. It decided to contribute a million tokens to some of the top Cardano staking pools in an effort to boost the level of decentralization.

Earlier this year, SundaeSwap (SUNDAE), the native token of the SundaeSwap exchange, also became available on Bitrue.

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WingRiders Losses 59% Of Its Total Value Locked, Plunges Cardano TVL Below $100M




Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Criticize SEC Cracking Down on Companies Outside Its Jurisdiction

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Popular Cardano-based decentralized exchange WingRiders has lost its position as the most valuable DEX on Cardano. 

WingRiders slumped from the first position to third after losing more than 59% of the total value locked (TVL) on the platform in the past 30 days. 

At the time of writing this line, WingRiders is now the third-largest DEX by total value locked, with a TVL of $19.66 million. It is noteworthy that WingRiders maintained the top spot for more than two months, claiming  42% of TVL On Cardano. However, the DEX has fallen from glory ever since. 

Minswap Is Now Cardano’s Most Valuable DEX

The development also affected the total value locked on Cardano. The total value locked on Cardano has fallen below $100 million in the last 30 days after the WingRiders TVL slumped. 

cardano total value locked
Cardano total value locked

Interestingly, Minswap has taken the lead to become the most valuable decentralized exchange on Cardano after the massive decline of WingRiders’ TVL. 

At press time, Minswap is leading, with a $49.09 million total value locked on the platform. The DEX hit the milestone after recording a massive growth of 30.9% in its TVL in the past 30 days. Minswap accounts for 51.82% of the total value locked on Cardano. 

SundaeSwap, the first decentralized exchange on Cardano, is now the second most valuable DEX in the ecosystem. SundaeSwap is second in the ranking, with $19.72 million in TVL. 

Like WingRiders, SundaeSwap has also lost a significant amount of its TVL over the past 30 days. In the past month, SundaeSwap has lost nearly 10% of the funds locked on the platform.

Commenting on the development, Cardano Daily, a platform that shares new developments about Cardano, said: 

“After the major decline of @wingriderscom, the TVL scenario of the Cardano ecosystem has stabilized back to normal as we have seen in the past few weeks. @MinswapDEX still led the ecosystem with $51M TVL, contributing 50% of the ecosystem.” 

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