Defi Analysts Predict Massive Gains From Decentralized Protocols Gnox (GNOX), Cardano (ADA) And Shiba Inu (SHIB)



The crypto swamp is all but drained of the short-term holders, leaving most assets in strong hands — meaning hands that are not price-sensitive. In a situation like this, we could see the crypto markets leave the bottom in the dust much faster than anyone is expecting.

Here are three tokens worth looking into as the bulls and whales come roaring back to life.

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox Token has the advantage of launching at or near the end of a bear market. While almost all altcoins have suffered losses in the range of 60% to 100% and now face strong resistance levels on the way back up, GNOX will be in price discovery mode for the entirety of the coming bull run.

Basically, GNOX is like an ETF-slash-dividend stock. You hold the GNOX token to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of top passive-income earning cryptocurrencies. They call the plan “yield farming as a service.”

It would take hours every day for any one crypto investor to research and manage a large portfolio of crypto assets. Gnox eliminates all of the DYOR and babysitting time so holders can go off and spend their time on other matters that can enrich their lives.

If you read the Gnox whitepaper, you’ll see that the token is deflationary. Once a month, profits from investments are used to buy GNOX tokens off exchanges and burn them. This means every month the circulation supply decreases and the price gets a pump. Moreover, a 1% royalty on all aftermarket sales of GNOX tokens is airdropped back to holders once every hour. So you can basically sit back and watch your stack grow.

The simplicity of this program gives GNOX token a shot at being the first DeFi token to see mass adoption. It wouldn’t be surprising to see GNOX gain 100X over the next decade. The good news is that GNOX is still in presale. You can buy in before the platform launches in mid-August at the website.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano’s native token, ADA, is a top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap. Although ADA has been lagging behind the rest of the top ten pack, the price just popped up over the first Bollinger band. The last time this happened the coin gained 20% in one day.

There’s near universal agreement amongst DeFi analysts that Cardano is one of the most oversold coins on the market. A recent survey of 53 industry specialists suggests that ADA is due for a run. Most agree that ADA could pull a 4X return before the year is over and is likely to be 40X higher by 2030.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu is on a tear. The price of SHIB  is up almost 90% in the past little-over-a-month. According to statistics from WhaleStats, SHIB is the second-largest crypto asset being held by the top 100 Ethereum whales (each with an average balance of $14 million), second only to USDC.

On-chain analytics shows that pretty much all of the short-term holders were flushed out of the market leaving the fate of the SHIB token in strong hands. The percentage of SHIB held for less than 30 days is only 3%. With no one really left to sell, SHIB could skyrocket at any moment as new whales enter the market.

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