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CASHVerse Website Updates and more



Cashverse Family, we have some awesome announcementes for you! Website updates
We updated the Website with some more parts and explanations about our projects and work.
The Cashverse team is sure after the Egg-Game launch we will get a lot of exposure, lets show them who we are !  Go to Website

Cashverse News
We figured we cant reach all the people with Telegram or Twitter, either they dont have accounts or the pínned messages are full of information. Thats why we created the CASHVerse News.

Everyone can access a website! No more excuses. We will post official Announcements, News, Education & Community-Member Stories  on our new blog. Also of course we hope for some good traffic from google and new investors

New Staking URL
Because of some changes in our IT & Network structure, we moved the Swap & Staking to

Nothing changes, just the URL. The old one, will still be available till the end of this month, after that it will redirect to the new one.

The Cashverse Team


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