Cashverse Announcement




First of all, we want to say THANK YOU to all the Supporters!

We do have 2 big Announcements for you today

First: The OFFICIAL Cashemon Domain & Website πŸš€

We are very happy to announce the official Cashemon Domain:

As you can see, our Landing page is already up! As soon as the Egg Game is ready to launch, the website will receive a nice update with all the functions to create your account, buy the eggs and much more.

We really can’t wait for that!

Which brings us to the next Announcement! NOT MUCH LONGER LEFT TO WAIT!

Second: The EGG-Game Launch Date

We finally have the timeframe for the launch of our EGG-Game
The Egg-Game is officially going for Mid-June (possible time frame, around June 15th)

With that said, you will soon be able to buy eggs, hatch them, spin the daily rewards wheel and more.

Now enjoy looking at the website and SPREAD THE WORD! FILL YOUR BAGS! ITS GETTING SERIOUS

The Cashverse Team


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