Cashemon Development by Antier



We want to be open and honest with you at all times, we have been working with an NFT team working towards creating Cashemon. However the team was not performing to the standards that we would expect to make the game we wanted.

We want to make sure that we bring the best NFT game on the BSC network and that it is a real game changer. Therefore we decided it would be the best for Cashemon if we left who we were working with. I know that this may come as a surprise but we genuinely feel this is for the best, the only funding that was lost on this was the teams personal funds. But we are excited for the future..

I am happy to announce that even though this news is disappointing and has put a bit of a delay on the project we have now partnered with a company that is known for creating top notch NFT games. The company is called Antier and details can be found on their website at

They have built numerous successful NFT games in the past and we have entered into a contract with them to design everything from the ground up.

We have signed a contract with them which has a cost of $200,000 dollars which is based on milestones of achieved goals. This is a legitimate contract and we have paid the first $20,000 installment of this.

I hope that you understand our decisions around this and see this as positive news. As soon as we have further information or anything to show you we will.


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