Cardano’s IOG Is Now Part Of The American Chamber Of Commerce Mongolia



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Cardano’s IOG has become the latest member of the Mongolian wing of the American Chamber of Commerce [AmCham]. According to the tweet, AmCham Mongolia stated,

We are very excited to announce our newest member a leading technology company committed to the highest principles of academic rigor and evidence-based software development.

Describing IOG as “one of the world’s pre-eminent blockchain infrastructure research and engineering companies”, the Mongolian entity also stated that the research wing build high-assurance blockchain infrastructure solutions for public, private sector and government clients.

Besides that, AmCham Mongolia is slated to host Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson and his team for a special ‘Meet & Greet’ event. It has laid out the details of the event here.

Just some days ago, Hoskinson, CEO of IOG, the software studio behind Cardano [ADA] blockchain solutions, spoke on the feasibility of blockchain-based instruments in governmental systems.

In the The Crypto Mile podcast, Mr. Hoskinson sat down to discuss the prospects of blockchain systems in governance solutions.

The chief exec says that as distributed, democratic and permissionless systems, blockchain systems will enable public services to become more accessible than ever before:

“It enables the poorest and most vulnerable person in society equal access as the president of the US, and there has never been a time in human history that that has been the case”, he said.

Apart from that, it has the ability to prevent one nation [USA, China] from gaining absolute control over global political affairs. Thus improving the quality of governance.

“It is a better way of doing things with less friction, less fraud, less waste and abuse and more transparency and ultimately less consolidation of power.”

Cardano To Establish lab at University of Edinburgh

To begin with, blockchain technology can help prove its worth in various sphere of public services such as land contracts, commercial and government voting, health information, educational credentials, tax and legal information, etc.

In order to study various aspects of decentralization and its use for governance, IOG is planning to build a new entity in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh.

Mr. Hoskinson revealed that his team will research all blockchains, including Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH], to find out the most suitable one.

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