Cardano’s Input-Output Joins American Chamber of Commerce Mongolia Entity



Cardano’s IOG has been welcomed as the newest member of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), a Mongolian entity. In a thread of tweets, Amcham Mongolia describes Input Output as “a leading technology company committed to the highest principles of academic rigor and evidence-based software development” and the “driving force behind the decentralized and smart contract platform, Cardano.”

Cardano has made remarkable moves in recent months, fostering its relationship with major companies and organizations. In June, Cardano announced it was now a member of the Linux Foundation. The Cardano Foundation joined the Linux Foundation as a gold member, becoming the only nonprofit active at this level.

Cardano’s founder praises blockchain’s potential

In a recent interview, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, extols the positives of blockchain technology and its capacity to fundamentally transform government services all over the world and even make them interoperable.

The blockchain can support this interconnected global community as we transition to a genuinely global society by enabling the secure transmission of data in a smooth and democratic manner, in which, as the Cardano creator says, “No one actor will have complete control over critical things and resources.”


The founder of Cardano asserts that if both political systems are implemented on the same underlying blockchain, they may be interoperable with equivalent systems in other nations.

Hoskinson also envisioned a day in the future where world governments collaborate and compete to be the most effective and beneficial, much like how Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy quickly surpass one another.

The blockchain would power this future, and just as Moore’s law states that the number of transistors on a computer chip doubles every two years, blockchain-based government systems might advance at the same rate as technological advancement.

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