Cardano eyes $0.55 target after successful smoke test on Vasil testnet



  • Input Output Global published a weekly development update with the progress made on tests run on the Vasil testnet and devnet. 
  • Cardano’s development activity has picked up the pace, leaving competitors Ethereum, Avalanche and Solana behind. 
  • Analysts have predicted Cardano’s run-up to the $0.55 target in the current uptrend. 

Cardano price is ready to run to the $0.55 level in the current uptrend. Analysts have revealed a bullish outlook. IOG recently published the weekly development update detailing successful tests conducted ahead of the Vasil Hard Fork. 

Cardano ran successful tests ahead of the Vasil Hard Fork

Input Output Global (IOG) published the weekly updates on Cardano development, with details of the tests conducted on the Vasil testnet and devnet. The node, ledger and consensus teams are working on the upcoming release of node v.1.35.2, and the version will bring improvements and bug fixes found in the previous node versions during Vasil testing. 

Weekly development update 

The Plutus team improved the ledger interoperability around the new cost models. The team worked on testing and documentation improvements. All tests run on the Vasil testnet, and devnet was successful, and the hard fork is on track. 

Cardano hit a new milestone, 1760 days without an outage

In a watershed moment for the Cardano community, the blockchain functioned smoothly, with no outages for 1760 days. Cardano is one of the most actively developed blockchains in the whole industry, with one of the highest numbers of GitHub commits, 350 in June 2022. 

The high pace of development on the Cardano blockchain is tied to the altcoin network’s popularity and social dominance. Cardano offers an alternative to developers from the Ethereum ecosystem, a low-cost and efficient alternative with fast transaction processing. 

This makes it a lucrative choice for NFT and dApp developers in the crypto ecosystem. 

Analysts predict Cardano will run up to $0.55

Analysts at FXStreet have evaluated the Cardano price trend and predicted a rally to $0.55 in the current uptrend of the altcoin. Cardano has bullish potential, and the altcoin is ready to wipe its losses from the past few weeks. 

Check this video to find out where Cardano price is headed next. 


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