Bitgert Community Posts Exponential Growth As Safemoon Community Stagnates



Key Points:

  • Fast-growing Bitgert Ecosystem has been attracting even the Safemoon community
  • Bitgert has already completed roadmap V1 while Safemoon rags behind
  • Zero Gas Fee BRC20 Blockchain adoption is growing Bitgert price faster than Safemoon
  • The Startup Studio projects are giving Bitgert a competitive advantage over Safemoon

Safemoon has tried to compete with Bitgert (BRISE) over the past months, but Bitgert still proves to be a hard nut to crack for Safemoon. In essence, Bitgert has managed to maneuver through the crypto industry and emerge as the most competent and promising altcoin as opposed to Safemoon.

It is on record that Bitgert has retained bullish status while Safemoon struggles to stop its downward trend. This is why the Bitgert community has grown exponentially as the Safemoon community stagnates. Here are the reasons why the Bitgert community is growing bigger than Safemoon:

Fast Growing Bitgert Ecosystem Than Safemoon

Bitgert has performed remarkably well within the past 1 year since its launch to the extent of becoming the most established and fast-growing altcoin in history than Safemoon. Bitgert takes absolute pride in the many products that have been launched, hence complementing its ecosystem significantly. All roadmap V1 products have been released, and more are coming up. Safemoon is still stuck in roadmap V1. That’s why the Safemoon community has been declining.

Bitgert is Already in Roadmap V2 Delivery as Safemoon Rags Behind

It is still in the record that Bitgert was able to complete the roadmap V1 delivery in just 200 days, which Safemoon is yet to achieve. The Bitgert is now developing the roadmap V2. The disruptiveness of the Bitgert products in the roadmap V2 is growing the community fast. Even the Safemoon community is joining Bitgert.  

Zero Bitgert Gas Fee Chain Vs. High-Rated Safemoon

Unlike Safemoon, Bitgert has already made history for offering the lowest Gas Fee. Safemoon investors can bank their tokens on Bitgert with the assurance that all their transactions will be subject to the lowest gas fee in the history of Cryptocurrency. Safemoon has a high gas fee compared to Bitgert.

10000+ Startup Studio projects

The Bitgert Startup Studio program is adding 1000+ projects to the Brise Chain. More Safemoon holders are now buying BRISE to buy Bitgert backed projects. Among the latest projects include Pupazzi Punk, 3D city, Node City, and APT Solutely. Safemoon still has limited projects. The projected launch will increase Bitgert hype remarkably as compared to Safemoon.

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